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Ibaan Market Vendors Multi-Purpose Cooperative was first established and begun its operation last June 17, 2005 through Mr. Romeo A. De Torres as the Chairman of the Board,supported by its eight directors namely Mr. Edel M. Caraan,Mr.Roman D. Dimaano,Mr.Eleuterio Torrano,Mrs. Corazon G. Rocio,Mrs. Marina A. Reyes,Mr. Ben Capuno,Mr. Roy Promentilla,Mr.Leonardo Castillo and.officers of different committees and manage thru the image of Mr. Alberto Balmes and Mrs. Evelyn Cabio who was then the bookkeeper and co-founded by 30 incorporators.It was registered last Dec.4,2006 and re-registered last October 15,2009 under CDA Reg. No. 9520-04000487.

P1.00 per day for every vendor simplify that “if your efforts are genuine,you are a winner all the way”. The associations fund reached to the amount of P 135,000,and it was finally the time to start putting it up to businesses that will benefit to its members.Armed with great faith from Almighty God that these little pennies made of copper coins will reached the dream of the market vendors to uplift the quality of their life as years go by.

Savings mobilization portray a large role to every member as it teach them the value of keeping a portion of their earnings for their future needs.Its Lending businesses helps the members who are in need of additional capitalization. As the days, weeks months and years went on that no one can guess were this organizations will go but only the great belief that everything will be possible to this cooperative. Our officers & staff

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What do we do?

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be prosperous and strong cooperative that assists constantly in rising economic and state of members.

Achieve the aspirations of the cooperative by:
✓ Efficient, honest and God-fearing officers and staff;
✓ Continual and appropriate education and training;
✓ Increase assets and proper use of resources;
✓ Support of members;
✓ Continual partnership with all sectors of the society;
✓ Support government programs for the protection of
    the environment. Our services

“We owed our success to our loyal co-market vendors and the community, whose continued patronage has propelled us to achieve and reach what our goals to be one of the best cooperatives in the Philippines.”

Romeo De Torres


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    Ibaan Public Market, Talaibon, Ibaan, Batangas

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